Three reasons why you should switch to Veganism?

Veganism is catching-up mainstream attention all over the world. The world is now waking up to the idea that meat binge-eating is not suitable for human body and harming our beloved planet earth in a multitude of vectors.

Meat is bad for the climate

For the starters, our current mainstream dietary habits that constitute of heavy reliance on dairy and meat products is not sustainable as the world is running out of land to grow grass. It is also running out of water to quench thirst of mindless farming that we are doing. Our transport infrastructure bears the toll of transporting meat and dairy products hundreds of miles to get to the cities, this transport burns fuel that is not only draining our resources, it’s also causing green house gases that are in turn causing earth to warm-up. Unexpected cold or heat in your part of the world? Blame your dietary habits!

Is your meat worth this?

Meat is bad for your health

In the stone-ages we were hunters and gatherers. In the forests that were rich in fruits and occasional vegetables, we would assume the role of gathering to get food into our tummies. As we rolled out of mother Africa, we scattered towards more hostile and colder climates of Europe, there we assumed the role of hunters. However, remember the food was scarce, it was not everyday you will hunt a fox, in-fact, you will be going days without any food. Meat consumption in those days made some sense, however, fast forward and we invented plantation and agriculture. We also invented farming and started capturing those wild animals from their natural habitat and started breeding them in our farms. Our dietary habits, changed! Instead of eating once a day we switched to thrice a day meal and then as civilisation became a-fluent we switched to thrice a day meat. Now imagine the jump for a body that was used to of eating and digesting meat once every several days (only for hunters), we want it to digest and handle toxics of meat 3 times a day! We are not designed for that and coming back to the original point, we started as gatherers meaning we are perfectly alright in consuming vegetables and fruits and live our lives without dependency on animal products.

Vegan food is delicious!

Meat based diet kills innocent animals

This is the most obvious point. When you buy a meat product from a super market aisle, what you are not seeing is the butchering, the blood, the knives and the pain that freezes over the poor animal’s eyes when he/she gets killed for absolutely an avoidable reason.

Imagine killing her?

This all could be avoided, you could eat less or no meat, that would ease the pressure on land, water and transport infrastructure, that would save animals from butchering, that would save your body from bad effects of having to digest meat again and again during the days and months.

Where to get started?

Switching to veganism is not that difficult, practically:

  1. Stop eating meat – when at the restaurant always enquire what’s in your food?
  2. When shopping at super market, use apps like Vegan Scanner – Is it Vegan? to scan barcodes and know if there are any non-plant based ingredients in the food that are you buying – yes scan your beloved KitKat as well!
  3. Stop consuming dairy products like milk, eggs etc.
  4. Start enquiring about your choices of clothes and toiletries, do they have any animal by-products in them?
  5. Don’t be a silent observer to people destroying their health and the climate, it directly affects you as well! Promote veganism, send them this article or share any other good material. Awareness is a seed, it grows! I watched Cowspiracy around 5 years ago and then it just grew on me!

Rule of the thumb is to go for plant based food – not even for the food that has some sort of animal-based emulsifier in such as E471, know before you buy!

Want to know the mother of rules of thumbs? We don’t want any animals to get killed for any of our products!

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