Threat To Gulf Communities May Result In Banning Pakistanis

Head of general security of Dubai “Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan” declared Pakistanis as a “Dangerous Threat” to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their massive involvement in drug trafficking. In a recent tweet, he accused Pakistanis of bringing drugs to Gulf. He said, “Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf societies because they bring drugs to their countries”. According to the sources he claimed that more Pakistani citizens are involved in drug-related crimes than any other immigrants from other countries.

On the social media platform, he asked and warned his fellow citizens, not to employ any Pakistani that can put them in trouble because more Pakistanis are involved in smuggling and drug-related crimes. He further compared the Pakistani community with the Indians who are more disciplined that Pakistanis, “Why are the Indians disciplined while disruption, crime, and smuggling are prevalent in the Pakistani community?”.

In the end, he said, if you have to employ Pakistanis make sure you have an extra and increased level of Inspection over them. This will might reduce the employment opportunities for Pakistanis in whole the Middle East, especially in Gulf.



  1. Anyone violate their rules and regulations give the punishment. Declaring just Pakistani for this will be unfair. Most of gulf countries selling alcohol/bear at the airport where as in Pakistan totally banned.

  2. Well, it is obvious and everyone knows that Pakistan never involved them in any serious matter of gulf other than SA. Its a tiny country with lots of attitude. India is now their brother. ha ha ha. They forget the help and the assistance of Pakistanis in their each and every field. last but not the least the involvement of Pakistanis in “The creation of United Arab Emirates”.

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