This Startup is Shaking Up the eCommerce Industry in Pakistan

Have you ever had to go through multiple online websites only to find that the product you are looking for is not available? Often, we are looking for that stylish bag or convenient home appliance but we either do not find the right prices or the product is simply not available. This is a problem that all of us online shoppers have faced at least once. A Pakistani startup known as is here to help though. This startup has taken the eCommerce industry by surprise in just a short time period because it provides us with something that all of us needed and wanted.

What is Pakistanistores?

From a technical perspective, Pakistanistores is a product search engine based on the web that makes use of an automated machine learning algorithm for gathering and sorting products from various online stores in Pakistan. In simpler words, Pakistanistores is a single place where you can find the countless products available on different online shopping websites in Pakistan.

The startup was launched in 2017 and has grown massively ever since. In just a timeframe of 12 months, Pakistanistores has built an enormous database of 2 million products from all the leading online stores such as Daraz, iShopping, Telemart, and Homeshopping.

Impact on the eCommerce Industry

So, what is the hype all about? Pakistanistores is essentially transforming the way we shop online. This is because, before the startup became popular, we would have to skim through online store after online store just to find if we can buy a specific product online or not. When we think of it, the purchase of any kind of product comes down to two key factors:

  • Price: What is the cost of the product that you are looking for? As an online shopper, you would know that prices for the same product vary across different online stores, even if it is just by small margins.
  • Availability: Is the product that you are looking for even available? This includes whether a specific size, color, or variety of a product is available on the online store or not. Again, some online stores might have a product available, while others do not so it is all part of our online shopping routine.

What Pakistanistores does is that it simplifies the buying process for you by providing you with all the information that you need about price and availability of products in one single place! The startup consolidates product information from over 37 online stores in Pakistan and provides you with the convenience of all this information through a single search.

Let us talk about the price first. As customers, we want the best price possible for the products that we buy. Sometimes, we are restricted to a specific budget while at other times, we know that some online stores simply charge more than others. So, what we currently do is that we go through each online store one by one to compare the prices. This can easily take up to 15 – 20 minutes of our precious time (depending on the product that we are looking for). With Pakistanistores? You can compare all these prices in just a few seconds! All you have to do is to search for the product that you wish to compare on Pakistanistores and the search results will show you the prices of the products across all these online stores at once.

Moving on to availability. As online shoppers, we know how convenient it is to buy products online right from the comfort of our sofas. However, the big question here is: Is the product that you are looking for even available online? Again, for answering this question, you will have to manually search through each relevant online shopping website one by one. Pakistanistores does it for you with a single click and lets you know on which online stores is the product available. If Pakistanistores returns no results, then you can assure yourself that the product is not available online in Pakistan.

Apart from this, there is one secondary advantage of using Pakistanistores, as well. How many online stores can we actually name in Pakistan? Perhaps 5 – 6, the most dedicated online stores can go up to 10 – 12. So when we look for products online, we restrict ourselves to these stores only and thus our efforts might not be complete. With Pakistanistores, you can search through 37 different online stores at once to ensure that you have complete and reliable information about products on all these shopping websites.

We have discussed the impact of this startup on customers, let us now take a look at how it impacts the sellers. There are several well-known online stores in Pakistan and almost all of us will look towards these online stores when we want to purchase something. For these leading shopping websites, Pakistanistores drives potential buyers their way by listing information about the products that they offer.

On the other hand, for the less popular online stores, Pakistanistores provides much-needed exposure in the form of traffic of potential buyers. The startup provides a great opportunity for emerging online stores to make a name for themselves by having their products listed on the highly popular product search engine.

The Future of Online Shopping?

The eCommerce industry has been booming in Pakistan with the emergence of numerous online stores and innovative shopping techniques. With the industry now at its peak in terms of market saturation and volume, perhaps a product search engine is now the future of online shopping in Pakistan. Pakistanistores, a startup that was initiated just months ago, already has over 500,000 searches per month! The growing popularity of this startup shows that it has potential. Pakistanistores provides us with something that both customers and sellers need. Automation. When we see tech developments from all across the globe, the future revolves around automation. The same applies to the eCommerce industry in Pakistan. As customers, we want to be able to find the right product at the best price in the minimum time possible. As sellers, we want to reach out to improve exposure and reach out to as many potential buyers as we can. Pakistanistores provides us with both and perhaps gives us a peek into what the future of online shopping might be like.


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