This One Plant is Destructing Karachi’s Environment!

Plants are said to be the main source of curing our society from mass destruction and degradation. Today as we know that earth is being diluted to massive threat. With most of the cause is being provoked towards increase in pollution and mass deforestation. In Karachi this issue was highly configured and an excessive amount of plant named as Conocarpus was imported in 2008 in order to maintain the ecosystem of this industrial and commercial hub. It was varied to cheapest cost and most likely to be affordable among the common public as well.

Nevertheless, these plants can be one of the main source of rising temperature in the city. Conocarpus plant is one of the species from mangroves family, which despite being a plant can be implicated to massive environmental destruction, absorbing a massive amount of moisture from underground drying the land. However, the solution to this issue was to pluck out these species in order to devoid further damage in the future. Nevertheless, the tough roots of these plants are said to be alleged enough to cause damage to the infrastructure, and underground pipelines.

This One Plant is Destructing Karachi's Environment!

The plan to improvise the environment of the city remains vacant as there is a huge amount of investment to be required in order to maintain environmental sustainability of the city.


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