This New Pakistani Animated Feature Looks Promising

We have all grown up watching and enjoying films like Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda or Ice Age, and now we don’t need to look elsewhere anymore because this time it’s going to be a Pakistani one! It looks very much on par with any other Hollywood animated feature. This is the one which is worth watching (finally)

If you haven’t already checked out the trailer for ‘Donkey King’ with the voices of Jon Rambo, Hina Dilpazeer, Javaid Sheikh to name a few, you definitely should. It is getting positive response from the YouTube audiences. It looks promising and a lot of fun.

The story revolves around Mangu, the Donkey (Jon Rambo) who is a dhobi and is made the ruler of the kingdom, by a possibly negative character of a fox voiced by Hina Dilpazeer, who wants to rule the kingdom through Mangu. Overall the trailer looks intriguing, also the visuals lure you in. It is set to release on 13 October 2018 and we can’t wait to watch it!


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