This is How I Never Gave Up My FREE BIRYANI

So, every clumsy food lover person can relate to this story. I am a great food lover and when it comes to Desi there is no saying no. I always observed these giveaways on Instagram and Facebook that were offered by Food Bloggers, or different Desi and fast food chains.

I also did the tiresome effort of following them, or tagging friends or asking those friends to also like the page and in hopes of getting something free. Despite knowing in my heart that it was a long shot, I did it to thousands of pages online and I always wondered who were those people.

So, this weekend, I saw this anniversary post of the Biryani food chain at Islamabad called Badmash Biryani, it said: “Win two Biryanis daily”. The same sense of deprivation prevailed over me. It made me think that maybe I’m just a brainless follower of these blogs that believes anything the online world says. I thought I was easily deceived by cheap tricks online and I thought the people who won these parcels are a separate lot a class that is higher and decent.

These thoughts were this close to provoking me to scroll even this post down and ignore it like it never happened but the divine belief in mufta made me muster up my courage to accept who I am as an audience and be cheap to get those freaking spicy looking Biryanis.

I hit the breaks on my mouse pad, geared up and started doing all the required steps: tagging, liking, sharing. In addition to that I embraced myself and cloaked myself with the flag of biryani lovers league and started posting enthusiastic comments under the replies section of other people comments. I didn’t care about the fact that it made me look like a loner or some weird person with too much time on my hands. I just commented on everything so that I may get the required attention.

After the completion of my mission I slept like a warrior confident of her win. Next day, I actually got a message of my triumph. I was happy I posted everywhere before I replied to them. It is said that with every success comes a great deal of sacrifice, struggle, responsibility and exam and so came mine.

“Baji hum aap ke area meh deliver nai karte”.

Those who say that heartache hurts, not getting free biryani after you’ve made so much effort hurts a lot more! But I was determined to get my free biryani. So, I ordered a Careem bike.

As a girl ordering a bike in Pakistan, the first message we receive is “Baji, yeh bike hai” because you know how societal standards go here. Women standing behind strangers on bikes aren’t something we are ready to accept yet. However, I had a different agenda.

So, I explained the whole situation to the driver, exchanged screenshots like a pro, tracked my biryani while reciting Ayat Ul Kursi on the Biryanis and the Careem fare. Those 45 minutes of my life were spent like a momma bird waiting for her goslings to return to their nest. Finally it came, with “sajan ghar aaye” on my mind and my racing heart I received the love of my life. It cost me 200, still I saved 600, which proved worth it because “Wo Pulao Nahi Waqai Biryani Thi!”

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