This Guy Came Up With This Amazing Idea To Track Imran Khan’s Performance

Gone are the days of political ignorance and unawareness, the change in mindsets of the young voters of Pakistan, brought by Imran Khan himself, is making the youth politically aware enough to let them sink into the concept of accountability, putting all the fan following behind. The youth is now very much concerned about the progress of the nation and to track the promises made and flaunting done in the manifestos. They literally know the exact points of the manifesto Khan promised and are ready to say “Hamain yaad hai sab zara zara tmhain yad ho k na yaad ho” at any moment, without letting anybody take advantage of them.

Keeping this revolution in context, one daunting and brilliant idea came to the minds of Salman Saeed, a commoner, He made this website called a Khanmeter comprising of a meter, that will track down Khan Sb’s performance. He took this inspiration from the Obameter and Morsimeter of USA and Egypt. He made this an open platform for the developers to contribute and make this even more efficient. He says:

“I created this website as a necessary project to have a transparent and objective tool to monitor all the promises that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman Mr. Imran Khan and his team made during their electoral campaigns. Indeed those promises are long-term goals of improving the quality of our population’s financial as well as health situation.”

The functionality includes a progress bar, that measures Khans steps and leans with the parameters like days left and broken promises and deals that were completed. He have logged the 47 promises as total divided into seven tabs namely governance, federation, economy, agriculture, water, society and security. There are discussion boards related to the topics included in the manifesto like Press Freedom, Transformation of Karachi, IT Revolution, CPEC, Making Pakistan Business friendly, the hot topic of water conservation and much more. Like any other conventional discussion forum, Salman has set some rules and regulations regarding cyberbullying, usage of abusive language on his site and avoidance of personal targeted commenting. I am sure he has applied filters and validation of comments.

Lastly, the Khanians are happy about the people being vigilant and are leaving positive comments about the site. You can put your email to subscribe to get updates and news letters on the progress of Imran Khans most awaited Government. We really hope that Tabdeeli do come this time!


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