Things Every Guy Hates About Girls Which Spoil Relationships

Guys love being around their girl but sometimes they do certain things which really test a guy’s patience. It is not their fault as girls don’t even realize which of their habits or actions might offend or irritate a guy. To get to know about things that might irritate your guy and ruin your relationship, look at the following list of some of the things that might be irritating. But don’t change yourself completely for your partner, talk it out and resolve the issue.

1. Emotions

Girls cry when they are happy, sad, emotional, excited, frustrated or in pain; a girl can cry over anything. It is the way girls are; they express strong emotions through tears but guys just don’t get the phenomenon. If you start crying for a small thing in front of a guy he is going to think he has done something wrong and if you don’t explain the reason, it is going to leave them feel miserable and bad about them. So, you guys need to be able to communicate why you’re feeling the way you are so that misunderstandings are prevented.

2. PMS

Boys accept that but sometimes it becomes really painful and it is a natural process which every girl has to go through. But sometimes girls often take out their anger and frustration those closest to them but boys, don’t take it personally.

3. Not Having Personal Space

Giving your partner his/her personal space is really important. Few couples nag so much it becomes unbearable. Married couples who respect their partner’s personal space tend to stay together longer. It is important to give your partner space and then expect it back.

4. Taking Extra time in Getting Ready

Girls are very well known for taking too long to get ready. If you are single, you have the whole day but once you are committed, you have to match your time with your partner. If you ask for a specific time to get ready, you must be ready in that time.

5. Avoiding Eating

When girls are offered some food the first reaction is a subtle and respectable no. You might be on a diet or just too conscious but this habit really irritates men. It makes them feel like they can’t make a decision or can’t make you happy. Rejecting food is generally not a good etiquette. Instead of saying no, take a small bite, it won’t do any harm but make your guy happy.

6. Attention Seeking

Men don’t like girls who seek attention all the time. They think such girls are the ones who are very hard to please. So seek the right amount of attention and give the right amount back.

7. Spending A lot

Some of the ladies spend too much on stuff which they don’t need at all. It is simply not understandable to men; women spending so much on silly things. Buying necessary things is normal and guys are not concerned but you need to make reasonable list of shopping when shopping with your man.

8. Anger without reason

Guys feel so helpless when you are not telling anything and just shouting and being angry. You might be upset and not telling him the reason for him not to get worried. This would not help rather it will confuse the guy. Your man is concerned about you and can’t see you like this so don’t create this communication gap and act all angry and trying to cope with your problems by yourself. You should give up this habit if you want to save your relationship, you should speak up your problems with him.

9. Talking About Ex

Boys hate when you intentionally or unintentionally bring your ex in all your conversations. It really makes them feel insecure and jealous. It results in fights and eventually breakups. Girls, avoid it.

10. Comparison

Boys never like to get compared with others and if their girl does it, he will get very annoyed. There is no point in comparing him with every other guy you see. There is always a better one but you must value the one you have. You love him and you need to appreciate him the way he is.

11. Too much Jealousy

Jealousy is something which can ruin any relationship. A jealous girl is an insecure one and no guy likes a woman who is insecure and does not trust herself. If you want your man to love you, don’t act desperate and jealous. Be confident around him, tell him no one can snatch him away from you.

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