These Vintage Pakistani Photographs Will Take You Back Back In Time

Back when photographs were taken only once in a while made them so much more special and nostalgic, now add a vintage touch and it becomes all the more amazing.

Let’s travel back in time and reminisce over old school photographs from all over the country before social media took over our lives.

  1. Karachi and it’s tram buses

2. When Neil Armstrong and his team visited Karachi on June 17, 1973.

3. Foreigners visiting the glorious Shalimar Gardens

4. A Station in Lahore

5. Yes, It’s former US President Obama! From when he visited his Pakistani friend and roommate sitting beside him.


6. Those Indiana Jones days ..

7. An advertisement for PIA when it was a top airline.

8. After tram buses we also had omnibuses

9. That’s not Italy or Berlin, it’s Quetta in the winters.

10. Women’s swimming championship

11. And when legendary Hollywood actor Robert Di Niro visited North Pakistan.

12. A yesteryear 5 star hotel in Karachi for the elite and International visitors

13. And lastly a 70’s vintage car



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