These Are The Newcomer Actors That Should Be On Everybody’s Radar

With the Pakistani Film Industry budding to new heights, we need new actors to take the entertainment industry on their shoulders and give it a fresh twist. As actress and producer Hareem Farooq rightfully said that we need to introduce a new array of actors and new passionate young artists and make stars out of them.

And indeed there are a few promising newcomers to look out for. They are the future of our cinema and drama industry.

1.  Ahmad Ali Akbar

He has already done Parchi beside Hareem Farooq and makes for a good leading man with that expressive face.

2. Hina Altaf

With Ek this Misaal and Udaari to her credits she has already proven her acting talent and is sure to be on producers radar for their next movie.

3. Shehzad Sheikh

He is the son of Javaid Sheikh therefore talent runs in his genes. He left his charm in Karachi se Lahore and could very well be the future of movies.

4.Iqra Aziz

One of the most promising young actresses around and also one of the most good-looking. She is rapidly gaining popularity and is on everybody’s radar nowadays, especially after the success of Suno Chanda.

5. Ahad Raza Mir

Everybody is already familiar with this name after he became the national crush of Pakistan with Yaqeen Ka Safar, but he is yet to be seen on the silver screen and there’s no doubt that he will rock it. Also he is already a practicing theatre actor in Canada so there’s no doubt he could bring the fresh twist to the industry that it needs.


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