There Would Be No Water Left In Pakistan By 2021

If each one of us was to plant just one tree right now, just one tree for every individual of Pakistan, imagine the 200 million extra trees that will surround around us all forever and the little miracles they will bring for our kids, a way to fight global warming and the environmental changes occurring due to it.

Something we have taken so for granted that it has led us, Pakistan, to be the 7th most effected by climate change in the World. Let’s not take our Planet for granted, at least.

If we continued like this, there would be no water left by 2021, can we do that to our future generations? Our cities are highly effected by climate change, which has resulted in abnormally hot weather, heat waves and reduction in raining. The main cause of which deforestation

Social media campaign ‘Let’s Plant A Tree’ is urging people to help save the environment by doing their bit.

All necessary information of which saplings to seed is given, they are inexpensive and have a high success rate of growth into fully fledged trees without much maintenance, so all you gotta do is go out, find an appropriate space, seek the relevant permissions and plant a tree to be part of this national cause.

Here’s a list of trees you can plant for just Rs. 200 : If you want to park your cars under the shade of trees, you might as well plant one. Also motivate your family, friends and colleagues to volunteer for the noble cause and make Pakistan green.



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