Therapy Through Art Is A New Sensation!

Pakistan is still in a progressive phase with low-speed towards mental illness,. It will take a while to initiate programs or others equally understand or contribute to help. Till then we have to voluntarily look after oneself and others as much as we can. Since there isn’t much understanding even about stress people tend to ignore the fact that stressed out people sometimes adopt destructive or unhealthy ways to cope with stress and honestly they are not the one to be blamed.

Therapy Through Art Is A New Sensation

It is said that art and crafts have the ability to relax and help focus. Creativist turned this fact into a new way for adults to relax and calm that is, Adult coloring books were introduced, also recommended by psychologist. Sarah Deaver, president of the American Art Therapy Association, have been supportive of the movement and 100 years back Carl Jung used this method as a path to subconscious mind and self discovery.

How Would These Help Adults Cope Up?

These coloring books possess a number of benefits some to note are:

  1. Art therapy is expensive and not easily approachable especially in Pakistan. Although it is not considered as art therapy but these coloring books act as a gateway activity for mind.
  2. It have been proved effective to calm people with the PTSD and anxiety issues.
  3. Coloring before bed will result in high quality sleep.
  4. Psychologist claim it to be an alternative to yoga.
  5. It can help individual focus on coloring intricate pictures for hours rather than troubling thoughts.
  6. Coloring is a harmless activity hence it helps to turn off the fight or flight response in people with anxiety and stress.
  7. Coloring detailed pictures activity the frontal lobes responsible for higher level functions such as organization and problem solving skills.

Adult coloring books are also easily available in Pakistan as well not with much diverse category but we are working on that too. you can find stock on following webs:


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