The World Is Changed by Your Example, Not by Your Opinion

If you imagine that by giving your opinion in this practical world, everything’s gonna be all right, this is not true. Until and unless you won’t practice it by yourself, no one will listen to you.

We all are inspired by someone in our lives. We idealize them and try to live our life accordingly because they are an example for us. Now if they gave any of their opinion to others, it will be valued. It will definitely be valued because it has a practical application in this world. The person himself has implemented it when he was in a problem. But, we are an ordinary person. Giving opinion to others is not sufficient essentially. We need to work on ourselves too that how can we change ourselves if we need to see that change in others.

In order to bring change in this world, you need to become that change. You have to work, to set yourself as an example for people. For e.g.: you are telling someone k dusron ki madad kara karo sawab hai and all… Can you just question yourself? What you tried to do for others? What was your response when someone asked for the help? What you did when you found a helpless woman? What was your reaction when an orphan cried for food? You ignored. Right? You just overlooked. So if helping others is not your practice, how can you give your opinion to someone for doing this act? How can you believe that people will amend by your opinion? In order to see the change, you need to change.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. You need to become an example for them. That’s how they’ll be motivated by you and will give importance to your words.


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