The Subtle Art Of Not Letting People Take You For Granted

There have been times at one point or another, in all of our lives that we have felt that we’re taken for granted. Whatever the nature of relationship, it doesn’t escape us to feel being used or rather misused.

Why do we feel that way? There might be some truth in what lends hand to that rationale (most of the times). However,  you should occasionally ask yourself why you passively allowed these general patterns of noxious behaviors be part of your reality.

Not to say that it has to be your fault entirely (neither is this the lollipop wrapper example) but for once try to reflect your inner spirit and in that wonder if you really, genuinely love yourself.

Self Love is important. It makes you realize that you are the creator of your own destiny. It ultimately saves you from falling into the pit of hopelessness and despair. Because self-love teaches you your own worth, it tells you to polish your standards and rise above expectations so that people think twice before they attempt to misuse you.

People are attracted to take you for-granted when you take yourself for-granted. They know you will accept and tolerate things because they know that this is what your soul genuinely believes it deserves or is capable of achieving but then again why does it have to be that way? Because it’s possible in every sense of the world that you have casually fallen victim to this disease called lack of Self-Love.

That is not to say that you start manifesting narcissism into your behavior and ultimately destroy your persona in itself. Balance is key here. Learn to appreciate yourself if you think you don’t do it enough. Learn to accept that you deserve the best, allow yourself to believe that you are as important as any other terrestrial being, then let that same energy guide you to the subtle art of becoming absolutely unapologetic about loving your soul.

As in Allama Iqbal’s rightful words :

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