The Sorrow State of Sex Education in Pakistan

Sex Education is an integral part of education, should be made mandatory from an early age, and has been long due in our country. If undergraduates in a university can consider breast cancer sexual in nature when breasts aren’t even inherently sexual, let alone a disease which kills a considerable percentage of the female population, then it’s time to educate them.

Everyone should be made aware of how their bodies function, practicing safe, sane, consensual sex, sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. Men and women need to get over any shame they feel due to basic bodily functions, and accept that all that occurs is natural – unless of course, it isn’t and how to identify what’s wrong with their bodies. Furthermore, gynecology needs to be swept off the taboo table and into the norm.

The State of Sex Education in Pak

The mere mention of the word, “sex” causes heads to swivel around and raised eyebrows, questioning your morals. In schools, teenagers are sexualized beyond belief when they are seen sitting together on their own yet sexual education goes against the morals of our cultures because teaching children about sex, will lead to…more sex? What logic, what reasoning, what evidence? Besides, wouldn’t we rather aforementioned students practice safe sex rather than teenage pregnancies and STDs they cannot recognize until it’s too late? The moral police are politely asked (see what we did there?) to take a step back and consider if nothing else, the rapid rise in population.

The average person in Pakistan is unaware of contraception, which leads to he abysmal rates of reproduction in the country.

Men and women are not aware of simple necessities like condoms, let alone birth control pills. Rather than talking about birth control in a classroom, Pakistan prefers to run not-so-subtle ads, which include a pedophilic uncle in a shop and a shy, young lady asking for an intriguingly named brand of condoms; which the sexual partner probably doesn’t use, because he doesn’t know how.

The State of Sex Education in Pakistan!

Child sexual abuse is increasingly becoming an issue in Pakistan, yet not a single government has taken mandatory action to protect these children, the most effective method being sex Ed. Children need to know what sort of contact with an adult is alright, and what they need to report to an adult. Victims of sexual assault or molestation need the assurance to come out to a responsible adult, and families need to stop thinking of rape as dishonor and help victims out with therapy and punishment to their assaulters. None of this is possible without Sex Ed.

The State of Sex Education

Women must be informed about marital rape because it is far too real, and occurs far too often in our country.

The right to say NO, and accept it as an answer should be ingrained into children from a young age; this is the only way to progress as a sexual assault-free society. Other than that, menstruation needs to be discussed openly, and sanitation provided to all women.

Sex Ed is not an evil, it is a method of preventing evil in our society and make Pakistan a safe place for all genders.


  1. At the time of the prophet, Muslims men and women were never too shy to ask the prophet about all affairs, including such private affairs as sexual life, so as to know the teachings and rulings of their religion concerning them. As Aisha, the wife of the prophet testified, “Blessed are the women of the Ansar (the citizens of Madina). Shyness did not stand in their way seeking knowledge about their religion.” (All except Termizi).

    The way the ladies asked the prophet-directly or through his wives is a proof that sexual matters were not taboo but were fully acknowledged and respected. “Shyness is part of the faith” as the prophet taught, but he also taught “There is no shyness in matters of religion” even entailing the delicate aspects of sexual life ( is really important to describe what is sex-ed and what Islam says about it. Sex-ed includes sanity of body, how to say no to physical touch, staying safe outdoor and even indoors, covering of body, to name a few. It should be taught by stages and level obviously like any other subject and all these our religion teach us not the western compulsion.

  2. Sex is a normal phenomenon and being unaware will only lead to teenage pregnancies and STI’s. I think its about time sex education is made mandatory in Pakistan and being introduced early on so we can hopefully avoid more incidents like Zainab. Being a parent it breaks my heart. Sex, molestation, consent, period etc. should be openly talked about and we need to NOT consider it a taboo. Once, it is not a taboo parents would too be comfortable discussing what is appropriate and what is not. And yes it is very possible to do sex education and incorporate Islamic teachings.

  3. Respected Author Good day. What about those countries who are elaborating/educating their teenagers/students/children with sex education? What about their sexual abuse rate? This is your own opinion because you have an open liberal way of thinking. Why you want to put our kids into sexual thoughts when they are into education? Sexual education is an absolute evil. Our religion is very complete. Educate our children with our Religion and practice. You will get a safe Pakistan. Please consider.

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