The Software Houses In Pakistan And Their Contribution To Economy

Not long ago, software used to be a term restricted to books only, especially in Pakistan. We had no idea that technology as well as the inclination of people towards it would evolve this much. Things changed all of sudden and growth of technology students geared upward within no time. Today, the software industry of Pakistan is a huge contributor to its economy and is increasing day by day. So, first we ask,

What Is A Software House?

Well, a software house is a company whose primary products are various forms of software, software technology, distribution, and software product development. Software houses are companies in the software industry.

How Does A Software House Work?

At each stage a different group plays a key role. However, each type of role must be involved throughout the whole development process:

  • Analysts, after completing the business specification, manage the changing business situation to minimize the possibility of change over time. They also support both programmers and testers during the whole development process to ensure that the final product fulfills the business needs specified at the start. The process ideally puts business analysts as the key players during final delivery of the solution to the customer, as they are best placed to provide the best business layer.
  • Programmers do the technical specification during the design phase and during testing time they fix bugs.
  • Testers complete the test scenarios during the design phase, and evaluate them during the coding phase.

Each member of the team reports to just one person, the Head Of Development (HOD).

The Software Houses In Pakistan And Their Contribution To Economy

Areas Of Work

Depending upon the services they offer and the area of specialization. Software Houses in Pakistan can be divided into following categories:-

  • Web Design and Development Services
  • Web Applications Development Services
  • Mobile Application Development Services

A professional software house normally consists of at least three dedicated sub-teams :

  • Business analysts who define the business needs of the market
  • Software developers who create the technical specification and write the software
  • Software testers who are responsible for the whole process of quality management

In bigger software houses, greater specialization is employed, and quite often there are also:

  • Technical writers who write all the documentation such as user guides
  • Release specialists who are responsible for building the whole product and software versioning
  • Graphic designers who are normally responsible for the design of the graphical user interface.
  • Maintenance engineers who are behind two, three or more lines of support
  • Consultants responsible for making the solution operational, especially if some specialist knowledge is necessary. Examples of this include: building multidimensional cubes in business intelligence software, integrating with existing solutions, and implementing business scenarios in Business Process Management software.

Contribution To The GDP

Pakistan’s Software industry has developed gigantically over the last 18 years. It started as a small industry in 2000, worth only $20 million in the annual GDP. But perhaps it was destined for greatness? People rushed to be employed in the recently introduced field. As years passed, it took on a huge amount of talent and went on growing exponentially.

The Software Houses In Pakistan And Their Contribution To Economy

Today, it has crossed the $2 billion threshold of the annual GDP with a surprising growth rate of 30 to 40 percent annually. But our government’s taxation of Software companies has proved counter-productive. The attempt to generate revenue ended up having some serious repercussions, including the relocation of our IT companies onto foreign soil. Why can’t the government let any industry flourish?

Top Software Houses Of Pakistan

There are currently more than 100,000 small and large scale software houses in Pakistan. These are some of the top software houses that contributed to the development of the software industry development:


NetSol Technologies is a main worldwide supplier of mechanized and IT empowered arrangements taking into account organizations needs over different verticals around the world. Since its beginning in 1995, NetSol has controlled itself being able to effectively convey the best software solutions. NetSol has highly experienced assets in analysis, improvement, quality assurance, and usage to give an extensive variety of great counseling administrations and practical advancement of cost effective application programming.

Ovex Technologies:

Ovex Technologies is Pakistan’s largest offshore BPO solutions provider and is also a main exporter of IT solutions. With its growth rate and a current manpower of over 670 highly qualified and trained employees it  offer’s worldwide prepared capabilities with 24/7 support for all clients and operational teams and different fully incorporated state-of-the-art surplus facilities with qualified personnel helping customers in getting sustainable cost effective business growth.


The Resource Group (TRG) Pakistan is the country’s biggest supplier of BPO services with 4 locations in Karachi and Lahore – Pakistan’s largest cities and financial centers. It is a software house that provides the best way out for your IT concerns related to mechanization of products, system incorporation, design development and testing.

Online Yourself:

Online Yourself is an self-governing software house reaching to new horizons. It has now grown into leading Software House providing best solutions for the client’s problems. They deal in different IT related concerns including Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Application Development, Software Development and Social Media Marketing.


Macrosoft Pakistan (SMC-Private) Limited is a product outline and advancement organization built up in October 2006 in Lahore, Pakistan. It is as a seaward improvement centre of Macrosoft, Inc USA. The way to Macrosoft’s prosperity, concerning its quality guaranteed items, altered arrangements, and customer fulfillment, are that it’s all around characterized software development procedures and methodology.

Systems Limited:

Systems Limited is a worldwide known IT service provider and also a leading BPO solution provider. It is providing its services in the field of IT development to both the Government and also the private sector Organizations. Systems Limited has played a major role in some of the largest IT projects in the country. Globally, the company has set itself as a key player in the critical market segments of United States, giving services and products to a growing list of business clients.


KalSoft is an outstanding name in the IT Industry that has been synonymous with magnificence and agility. Set up in 1999, it has advanced inside a limited capacity of time to bring the dramatic change in the market field through its specific range of items and administrations. KalSoft has the expertise to give the best IT arrangements that enable organizations to pick up automation and control of their work forms by the utilization of their various solutions and items.


Techlogix is an information technology company specialized in incorporation solutions, business aptitude, customer relationship management, enterprise store arrangement and intranet-based process digitization solutions. Set up in 1996, Techlogix employs more than 250 personnel, with offices in US, China and Pakistan. Techlogix works collaboratively with clients motivating complex alter initiatives that delivering real value within short time frames of 12 to 16 weeks in fixed-price, fixed-time engagements.

Q-Soft Technologies:

Q-Soft Technologies is an outstanding software consultancy firm working both nationwide and also internationally under the supervision of experienced experts having a good insight of IT consultancy and software development. Their main responsibility is to the customers who use their products and services. They are committed to helping their clients being successful and prosper in a dynamic and in an ever divulging business environment.

Zepto Systems:

Zepto Systems is a team of industry experts with years of experience in the IT industry. They believe that every client deserve equal amount of attention, despite of their business size and industry. They also believe that every business, in spite of their size and resources, should have equal opportunity of contending with their competitors.


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