The Shareef’s Assets

Work of Sattire.

The offshore assets of the Nawaz family were held into account by the court, the supreme law and order power of the country. Hence, corruption was proved through a long process and the members of Nawaz family was sentenced to ten and seven years of jail time and disqualified as a contestant in election, respectively. That was not enough, we the citizens of Pakistan have an equal right to exercise power because we are the ones most affected with corruption. Well, actually the working class is most affected but we will speak for them as well. As a nation, we possess some power and tactics to exercise it. We have the power of rationality and tactic of observation but where do we exercise it?

Here, we exercised our power by taking into account the other assets of Nawaz family, i.e: the both Nawaz’s shoes and bags. We observe the lifestyle rather than observing the political style. If the nation had used this tactic before, we wouldn’t had need to create a Gucci controversy on social media.
The naive people of Pakistan thinks the corruption was merely done for the sake of a branded lifestyle and Nawaz family should be point out and bashed for it?

We use tactic of observation, we observe the lifestyle and personal life of our politicians and we believe in contributing to it as well?

Through such claims are we suggesting that we are corrupt as well. Well, we are ethically. (oops!!) Along with awareness campaigns of mental health and hygiene, the intellectuals should start on politics with objectivity or would the nation need to a psychologist to get through this subjective politics phase?

The bigger picture of politics is just behind that Bottega Veneta bag of Maryam Nawaz and that picture is much most costly to Pakistan than the lavish lifestyle of politicians. Basically, we need to focus more on what’s behind the curtain. The Nawaz family didn’t just buy a branded lifestyle, they probably did a lot more than we don’t know.


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