The Rigged Elections

A work of satire

In 2013 we had fair elections according to the winning party and rigged according to the defeated party and a person many people have never heard about was elected as president of the country while the Prime Minister had already delivered a victory speech before official results were announced. As soon as the unofficial results of 2018 poured in, the 2013 debate was back with full spree.

The elections were rigged because Karachi Rejected MQM by majority, it was rigged because interior Sindh gave few thousand votes to opposing party although PPP(P) still won. It was rigged because “Karanchi” people doesn’t want Karachi to be turned into Lahore and hence PMLN could not get a grip there either.

No wonder Shahbaz Sharif wanted to turn Karanchi into Lahore for the sake of blind votes.

More importantly it was rigged because the nation acted as civilians rather than some brain washed robots bound to repeat the same attitude. It was rigged because the turn over would increase as compared to previous  elections and it was rigged because a whole new generation came out to vote. It was rigged because politicians think the campaign of words and promises and ethnicity is enough for the nation to drool over. How do you expect this country to be prosperous when we have crying babies as candidates.

The unhealthy protest behavior of defeated political party regarding rigged elections has a deep lesson for us. We can and will blame politicians for the chaos to an extent but in the end we were the ones who elected them. Perhaps we should start putting ourselves accountable for out actions too. With the new governance, we must set new standards, just like PTI is aspiring to do.


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