The Power Of ‘Gut Feeling’: According To Science

According to famous Psychologist Carl Jung there are four ways around which we centralize our general thought processes : Thinking-Feeling, Sensing-Intuition

How to Tune into Your Intuition

Intuition is where there is no apparent external stimuli but is provoked internally by a certain emotion. In the category under intuition comes “the gut feeling”. It is real in every sense of the world and not something to be taken as merely a hoax. They might tell you to let go of any instincts, and to only think ‘logically’. However, that is not the case for reality, there ‘are’ no logical decisions. Our gut feeling holds far more value than they might wanna tell you. It tells us how we ‘really’ feel. Because ‘feeling’ is innate to us, therefore the ability to know things without consciously reasoning exists.

What image did you see first in the diagram above? Whether a car, a man with binoculars or the alphabet ‘A’ , it tells a lot about your own self, but if you look at it logically, all the images do exist.

That’s why when they say “You don’t have the Guts’ , maybe it means you don’t have the courage to trust your instincts, that you are scared of the risks it might bring.

Gut feeling stems from the ‘collective unconscious’ a place where the collective experience of the entire human species is stored and each one of us possesses it along with our own conscience. So sometimes our intuition or instincts arise by passing through the collective unconscious itself, as well as the reservoir of our own subconscious, and that is why, we sometimes cannot immediately, clearly define why we feel a certain way about an experience, but our gut already tells us a story.

Intuition illustration by Lara Harwood

This is the reason that, whenever you encounter something first hand, you should not disregard the immediate thoughts you have about that particular object or situation, before your judgement clouds it. Science says, First impressions really do count for something.

Similarly while looking at an MCQ on a question paper, that you absolutely do not know the answer for, instead of leaving it blank go along with your guts! They might surprise you.

I’m not saying that gut feeling is the most credible source you should turn to in case of decision-making, but don’t merely treat it as a folklore. However, it is to be acknowledged that there is a fine line between trusting your instincts and pure insanity.

The intuition does hold a certain value for the way our thought processes work is complex. It’s a collective effort of the mind where many processes are at work and intuition is as much a part of it as sensing. And over the years the intuition can be sharpened, that’s how we become wise. Some people are naturally more intuitive than others.

Related image

So sometimes, it’s safe to trust ‘the gut feeling’, not because there is no other way, but because this might actually be the right way in every sense of the World.


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