The One Who’s Reading This, Stand Up!

Have you ever failed your exam? It’s okay; it wasn’t the very last exam of your life. Take a chill pill. You broke up with your friend or partner? It’s alright; try to get reason in it that maybe they weren’t made for you. They actually ought not to have you so they left you. Instead of blaming yourself, thinking that you did somewhat wrong, leave the whole thing on God. He plans the most excellent for you. Everything is feasible in this world. Don’t give up on whatever you want to accomplish. No matter, how badly you fell down, just get up again with extra potency and guts. If you aren’t making mistake, it means that you haven’t tried something new.

The One Who’s Reading This Stand Up

Everything happens for a reason, so you were born. Spread happiness wherever you go. You have the universe within you and the people who love you are living in. So don’t you urge to tear it down for the ones who make you feel trash. People will constantly speak, whether you fail or achieve something. Don’t let their unenthusiastic sensations enter inside you. Stay positive in every situation. Try to acknowledge yourself and love yourself. You are your own support system. Start understanding yourself because deep inside you need you. Assure your soul because that’s more essential. Respect yourself and know your significance. You are born with a reason to live. God has shaped you like a fine art. Don’t try to have power over everything because you might end up losing some.

The One Who Reading This, Stand Up

youu are the best

Hey you? Listen? Yes you! The one who’s reading this, stand up! Go in front of the mirror and say to yourself that you are the best. You can do anything. Start chasing your dreams. Trust me you can do it. Deem yourself and have faith in God, He is with you. You can’t reside eternally, so the nastiest days. Don’t let your demons control you. On your way, you’ll hit upon many obstacles but never lose hope. Never give up. Be an optimist, let it happen. It won’t devastate you until and unless you let it to do so. I salute you for bearing the storm inside you. Calm down; everything is going to be alright. It takes time. I’m sure you’ll ace it one day. Stay blissful, stay sturdy and go on.

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