The New Stylish Oppo F7: Specifications, Pictures and Price in Pakistan

Like many other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Oppo has also gained fame throughout Asia and some other countries with it’s high-end, hi-tech monster smartphones.

The new Oppo F7, like all new phones, has a design similar to the iPhone X. The new flagship phone is Android 8.1 (OREO) supportive with a Mediatek Helio P60 chipset and and octa-core processor operating at 16 GHz (2 GHz per core). The 6.23 inches screen is encased by an aluminum body features a 4K resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels. It comes in two varieties, 128 GB internal memory with a 6 GB of RAM or a 64 GB internal memory with 4 GB RAM. The memory is expandable by up to 256 GB using an SD Card. The phone also comes equipped with the hi-tech sensors and an audio jack.

The New Stylish Oppo F7 Specifications, Pictures and Price in Pakistan

The cameras are remarkable with a front selfie camera of 25 MP and a back camera of 16 MP. Other than its over-the-top cameras, the users are also praising its smooth multi-tasking and lag-less running. The 3400 mAh battery also provides a huge convenience over other flagships. With it’s price only at 39,980 rupees, the flagship smartphone undercuts many other major manufacturers, even Oneplus, though its low resale value and the usually short life-span of Oppo phones might affect its sales by quite an extent. But for people looking for an affordable flagship mobile, the Oppo F7 is the best choice so far.

The Oppo F7 Specifications, Pictures and Price in Pakistan

The New Oppo F7 Specifications, Pictures and Price in Pakistan1


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