The Mystery Of Oumuamua: Is it An Alien Interstellar Object?

Last year in October a strange space rock fled past Earth, it was suggested by Harvard scientists that it could possibly be an alien spacecraft or something surely interstellar. According to the scientists it wasn’t like anything they had seen before.

In his paper, Astronomer Avi Loeb suggested the strange object to be a probe sent by aliens from deep space to investigate Earth. As interesting as it sounds for the scientists, it also got attention from the whole world.

He further added that we lacked the technology to actually follow it to gather information as it passed by very soon and now it’s barely visible. He said that even if it is a rock from a natural origin it is not anything they have seen before, its gravitational pull also suggests that because of its unusual path. He told:

‘There seems to be another force acting on it’

This is one of the reasons that suggests an extraterrestrial involvement. Also it is the first interstellar object discovered in the solar system which has officially been given the name ‘Oumuamua.’ The object holds an ongoing intrigue but many scientists and researchers, however, doubt it to be an ‘alien object’ and say this theory stems from the idea that we can’t be alone in the universe.

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