The Murder Of A Bus Hostess

As times are changing, more women are out there working in all fields out there. But they have a major problem to face as they go out to work: harassment by men. From mild cases of just cat-calling to actual murder, these awful men will stop at nothing to protect their own insecure egos. A recent example is the murder of the bus hostess at Faisalabad. Mehwish Arshad, an 18-year-old bus hostess at Al-Hilal travels, was shot dead by the suspect Umer Daraz, who was a security guard at her previous workplace, the Kohistan Travels.

The Murder Of A Bus Hostess

The “man” tried to force Mehwish to marry her, which she always rejected. One day, she was walking back to her hostel after meeting with her family. Umer met her and forcibly held her arm. Mahwish, clearly angry at this, tried to let go and scolded the assaulter for not letting go. Umer filled with fury and ego, took out his pistol and shot Mahwish. The hospital couldn’t save her and she lost her life.

On Thursday, a CCTV footage of the incident started making rounds on social and electronic media, which showed that Mehwish was approached by Umer when she was getting ready to go home from work. He cornered her on a stairwell in a street and held her at gunpoint. He was seen to have exchanged some words and manhandled her, right after which he opened fire, killing the young bus hostess instantly. Mehwish was the sole breadwinner of her home after the death of her father. Can we imagine the pain and difficulty her family must be in right now?

The Murder Of A Bus Hostess

This is one of the many examples of violence against women in our society. Measures must be taken for security to the working women against the deranged men in the society. They should be provided with complete protection and the assaulter must be given the harshest of punishments. If this doesn’t happen, then who knows how many more incidents like these will occur? Employers should also take a complete background and psychology test of the employees in order to prevent such incidents. Otherwise, women will always have to live in fear, and that’s something they do not deserve!



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