The Most Underrated Songs from Coke Studio

Stretching over a span of ten seasons, the show has featured over a hundred artists. It’s high time we appreciate the fact that Coke Studio exists because the kind of gems that have come our way are no less than musical masterpieces. We round up five songs that weren’t big hits but should have been.

Faasle-Kavish & QB (Season 10)

Faasle was the most underrated song of season 10. A masterfully produced ballad, Faasle is a powerful tale of unrequited love. Famous for Humsafar and Manmayal OST. It was not a big hit for QB. It garnered less views compared to other CS tracks.

‘Sab Aakho Ali Ali’ – Asrar (Season 7)

Asrar’s ‘Shankar Wandaan Re,’ became an instant hit of span. But his coke studio song “Sab Aakho Ali Ali” did win an LSA for Song of the Year. Still, it’s not that popular amongst the masses, garnering only 443,210 views on YouTube. This CS song is perhaps one of the best fusions of contemporary rock with folk music.

Mitti da Pehlwan – Javed Ahmed (Season 7)

Javed ahmed single was not a hit of season . It was beautifully composed but didn’t get much attention. This song should have resonated with the audience more.

‘Dholna’ – Atif Aslam (Season 5)

Atif Aslam’s name is enough to get people talking. But ‘Dholna’ wasn’t a very big hit. In fact, many people didn’t even hear it. It starts off slow and smooth, and then the tempo picks up halfway through the song. The picks and drops of the melody are spot on and of course, Aslam’s soothing vocals are always a treat to listen to.

‘Nawai Ney’ – Tina Sani (Season 3)

Tina Sani needs no introduction. This classical singer has been mastering the art of music for as long as we’ve known her. Coke Studio’s musical expertise increased the moment Tina Sani joined the show. She sang two songs in season 3, and while her collaborative track ‘Mori Araj Suno’ with Arieb Azhar did remarkably well, ‘Nawai Ney’ was swallowed into oblivion. This hauntingly brilliant tune is distinctly Pakistani as it incorporates the flute and matki along with Sani’s vocal prowess.


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