The Most Difficult News Waseem Badami Had To Break

Waseem Badami is a person who’s known by everyone and obviously he doesn’t need any introduction now. Waseem initially did news anchoring for quite some time and that too in the night shift. And now he’s seen on his own program “The Eleventh Hour” at Ary News Channel. In a recent interview with Faysal Qureshi, he told that how his career got a turning point as soon as he unexpectedly had to take Benazir Bhutto on call one day and how that situation proved to be a turning point for his career.

Waseem shared that the most difficult news that he ever had to break was the death of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He described that after receiving the news of the blast, they first took Rehman Malik on call who was the chief security advisor at that time. He said that Benazir Bhutto is alright. Waseem said that subsequently we took Asif Zardari Sahab on call and we generally said that it is good news to identify that she is alright to which he in the trembling voice said that she needed prayers.

Waseem whispered that moments later they got the news of death of “Bibi” and he didn’t know how to break it on media. He took quite a few minutes to build up the situation. First, he said that we are getting mixed news about Bibi’s health and we are getting conflicting news about Bibi’s life. Then with some courage and patience, he gathered up the guts to break the news that the esteemed lady we knew and loved was no longer with us.


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