The Kind Of Direction Our Film Industry Should Take And Why

Long gone are the Maula Jutt days (thankfully) and all that over the top Punjabi acting and that melodramatic action sequences that made the Movie World in Pakistan basically a joke. No one went to the theaters anymore. Thankfully we have successfully transitioned out of that phase in these last few years. Especially with the introduction of international cinemas and quality movies.

Along with that our own film industry took the necessary changes it could to improve itself and it did that successfully as we are finally producing movies worth-watching and ones that don’t use a yellow filtered camera from the eighties. Finally people want to actually go to the cinema halls with family and friends and it looks like at last the ‘going to the movies’ business has been revived.

But, usually the good movies that have been coming out lately have been torn between, either about war or again following the age old formula of a typical Bollywood blockbuster that has action, comedy and romance all in one with a confirmed item number.

The kind of direction that our film industry needs to take, however, should be to develop it’s own niche, and not limit that to just small independent films. There should be more creative freedom and a dynamic pool of stories. The actors and actresses should be diverse and not just limited to being conventionally beautiful. Stories should come out from all around Pakistan and new aspiring writers and directors should be encouraged so we can explore the realms of our strength and to find out where cinema could take us.

Let us not loose the audience that we have created. Lets aid to the expansion of the horizons of story telling so that our movies can lead to an international standard level and not just end up becoming a Bollywood rip off.


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