The Importance Of A Vote!

That time is almost here again, the time to vote. The time to decide the future of the country. The time to exercise our rights in this democratic nation to choose the next leader of our country.

Insert the ‘no one’s deserving‘ reply to that statement, but you have to agree with me that although there might not be anyone pure, but there might be someone just pure enough.

Thing is, the fate of the country is now in our hands and whilst we know there’s no candidate fit enough for the role, we have to decide on someone anyway. Voting decides that, but when the only people who vote are the uneducated, bought, brainwashed or confused then you can imagine the state of the elections that are held. And let’s not forget all the rigging.

A good number of the population doesn’t even vote, and their CNICs are used to vote for them. The typical answer from them is always along the lines of ‘everyone’s corrupt no one deserves the vote‘ and etc. But what they fail to see is that the fate of the country has to be decided anyway, but either in the good way or the bad way could be the result of that single vote you make.

If we consider a 55% voter turnout, that equals 45% of votes that are not going to make any difference at all. How can a decision made by only about a half of the population represent what the community, as one people, wants? Never underestimate your single vote. Granted, it alone is not going to be a deciding factor, but if a large majority of individuals thinking on similar lines decide to cast their votes, that certainly WILL make a difference.

It goes like this, small dirt particles make up a whole mountain, small points make up a whole GPA, and small otherwise irrelevant votes come together to decide for, or against a country.

Now the commonly complained about things are its too much effort, its too much drama, but is it really that much infront of your homeland’s future?

Voting is a duty more than it is a right, and this negligence of duties is what’s failing us now. We invest in our future in every other way but this, but I think it’s time we take a moment to think of the place we live in and think of the people we want to be governing it. Where it is important to cast your vote, it is also so important to cast your vote to the right party, and for that you need to make the simple effort of educating yourself on the matters going on.

A vote is a really powerful weapon, and when used in the right way can yield just as great results, or just as grave.


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