The Hocane Sisters Know How to Appreciate Each Other

These days, siblings supporting one another is an extremely exceptional thing to find above all when both happen to belong to the world of entertainment and are famous actresses. However, Urwa and Mawra Hocane have proved time and time again that they are very secure in their career and are never threatened by each other’s success which makes them be on top of our sibling goals list.

With several tweets and posts on social media to hold up each other’s upcoming projects, the Hocane sister also include Urwa’s husband Farhan Saeed and root for him on every single thing. So much so that when Farhan shares his fans’ love for Suno Chanda, his wife and sister-in-law cheer him on that too!

Thus how do they handle to stay so connected was what Urwa revealed to Haroon Rasheed in an interview with BBC Asian Network.

Urwa told that they know how to co-exist, they know how to value each other, and they have been each other’s critics as well.

Mawra once shared in that ‘Urwa has been her strength and gave her outlook which could be lost in the glamorized industry’, Haroon asked Urwa whether it was the same for her too.
“Absolutely, I was just going to say she is too kind, she keeps talking about me and telling everybody that I am her strength but I think it is the other way around. She always supports me and she is the one person that I look up to and learn so much from,” Urwa declared her sister’s love.

Now if that is not the sweetest thing you have heard of all day, then we don’t know what is. Here’s hoping that Hocane’s absolute love and bond continue to grow stronger and there are more chances for them to cheer and celebrate each other!


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