The Greatest Show Man: A Pakistani Version

Pakistan Tehreek -i- Insaaf (PTI) has been the most controversial party of all time. A political party that have been in process of forming and deforming with people like Ayesha Gulali, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Amir Liaquat, the recent addition of PPP’s Nadeem Afzal Chan and etc; people who always attract drama and the Leader, Imran Khan himself is always at the grip of media let it be his personal or political life.

The Greatest Show Man Pakistani Version

Thing that distinct PTI from others is not only the joining of various members but also the alliance that it receives often, it has the element of diversity. After Taher -ul -Qadari and Sheikh Rasheed now the former leader Pervaiz Musharaf wishes to alliance with Imran Khan, the offer was made public on 19th April in a conference by Dr. Muhammad Amjad, the General Secretary of Pervaiz Musharaf, with the say that Former leader doesn’t aim for the prime minister position in the upcoming elections but is generous enough to be an adviser to Mr. Imran Khan. Pervaiz musharaf return to Pakistan will be the hot news of the season for the media, keeping an eye the enormous allegations and support for him.

The Greatest Show Man a Pakistan Version

I think it is humorously safe to link the whole scenarios (past and recent) with movie “the greatest show man” in which the ambitious man leads a group of equally different people in a show that have never been witness before. There also comes a moment when the leader neglects the whole show team because extra ordinary capabilities of a woman. In the upcoming seasons it would clear how great of a show Imran Khan can produce for his many Virtual (under 18) other supporters.


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