The First Transgender Designer Of Pakistan

It is one of the most encouraging things of transgenders in Pakistan to reach a certain level in society despite the harsh rocky mountains they have to face due to their physical difference. It is appreciating of the nation to let our people come forward and be accepted. Although there is still a long way to this journey but we are progressing more now thanks due to the social media raising awareness about this issue.

Educational institutions and foundations are established for the well-being of third gender. This year not only were transgenders issued national identity cards but were also cleared as candidates to contest in 25th July elections and bills has been officially passed for the protection of third gender rights.

In March the 21-year-old journalist Marvia Malik appeared as first transgender trainee anchor at Lahore-based channel Kohenoor News. She is a graduate in journalism from Punjab University and has been financially supporting herself since she was 15 years old. Moreover Rimal Ali, a trans-model also featured in this years release of Pakistani Movie “7 din Mohabbat in” and fortunately the role is not degrading or criticizing the community.

Marvia Malik

Now, Maya Zaman has become the first transgender designer of Pakistan to launch her first-ever luxury pret line ‘Surkhaabi’ who at the age of 17 left her home and shifted to Islamabad from Karachi.

As a trans-woman she wasn’t allowed in either girls or boys hostel. So eventually she found a place belonging to her community. She started her business degree at a private university but due to criticism from colleagues she lost her enthusiasm. But one and a half year later she stood up against the odds and completed her BBA along with a diploma in fashion designing.

“I completely lost my self-belief and confidence. For a long time, I felt being a transgender in Pakistani society was a curse; something to be shameful for.” “Everyone who underestimated me, including my very own family, ultimately led me to where and who I am today.”- Maya Zaman

Maya duet and partnership with Fauzia, a housewife to create this master pret line.

“It is basically a newly-formed partnership of cisgender and transgender women. The unique thing about Surkhaabi is that it’s for women of all ages and sizes. The idea behind it is to promote body positivity and diversity and discourage body shaming,”

Maya Zaman also intends to choose a transgender as the brand ambassador while there is already a team transgender employed to look over the graphic designing, stitching, exhibiting and photographing the pret wear.

We wish luck, diverse success to Surkhaabi Team!


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