The Equilibrium At The Edge

For past month we have seen two situations regarding feminine. One: women holding many signs such as  “mera jism meri marzi”, emphasizing the importance of women ‘will’ concerning aspects of own life and second the dead body of innocent girls found at ‘unwilling’ places. There was coverage for both events equally but does the protest (on both occasions/issues) generates equilibrium in women statues in society at a whole level.

In Pakistan, the women of rural and urban areas can not be considered as the two sides of the same picture.To elaborate it in simple words, in cities the modern battle of ‘women status’ is being fought but in less developed areas women are still trying to snatch their basic human rights unarmed from men. In some parts of Pakistan  women are coming out of comfort zone fearless to support each other and in some parts little girls have to stay inside of house with fear of might getting raped out there. The “imbalance equilibrium” in our society could lead to unseen consequences. We all know which side is nearer to the edge and can collapse anytime; the side that have marks from acid and physical violence and where the term ‘will’ is alien.

Activist women playing major roles to set the status bar of women in society that they actually deserve, needs to turn around and give an uplifting hand to the fallen sisters and bring them in the same picture, firstly by arming them with courage and boldness so they can protect and treasure ones basic human rights.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

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