The Donkey King is Now an Ice-Cream Flavor Too

The Donkey King has won the hearts of not only young people but old ones too by breaking box office records with its gratifying taste buds.

The owner of an ice cream parlor in Sargodha decided to name one of the flavours Donkey King by seeing the popularity of the movie.

A customer at the ice cream parlor said that Geo launched The Donkey King which is an outclass movie. We decided to come and taste the ice cream named after it and children at the parlor were also excited to taste the new flavor because they loved the film.

The Donkey King has cracked previous box office records by a Pakistani animated film. Over its opening weekend, the film collected over Rs35 million.

The blockbuster movie revolves around entertainment, politics, and entertainment. More than 10 million hits on The Donkey King’s track, trailer, and teasers on Facebook and YouTube speak of its welcome on the internet.

The film’s quick speed together with top-quality visuals and voiceover quality makes it a treat to watch for all ages. The catchy title track ‘Donkey Raja’ and dialogue ‘My name is Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu — the washing machine’ has caught the attention of children.

What makes The Donkey King exceptional is its applicable story and fascinating characters. The tongue and cheek dialogues only add to the film’s overall entertainment.

The film’s stellar cast includes renowned actors such as Afzal Khan (aka Jan Rambo) who was brilliant as the lead character Mangu. It was a treat to hear top actress Hina Dilpazeer’s voice playing Miss Fitna and the legendary Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan.

While the multi-coloured setting and appealing music will leave the kids under Mangu’s spell, the mature viewers is also set to enjoy the hidden meaning behind politically-charged dialogues and characters.


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