The Deteriorating Metro Bus Service

No matter what your political affiliation is, we can all agree that Metro surprisingly turned out to be a blessing for us all. It surely benefits everyone in the country, one way or the other. But from where I come from, Islamabad, it’s especially convenient. It’s so relaxing not to be burdened by the rush on Benazir Bhutto road anymore and you can just park your car at a Metro Bus station and take a ride till Saddar for just 20 Rupees. You can do all the shopping from Raja bazar without getting into the pain of parking your car at the local parking plaza which BBQ your car because good people never find good place at parking lots.

Now with Pakistanis maintenance is an absurd topic, the usual response you get to the word is “ALLAH maalik hai g!”. Unfortunately, the same fate has fallen on the Metro Bus Service. Before I start off on how bad the maintenance of the bus service, I do have to give credit where it’s due. The Metro washrooms are completely clean. It’s shocking but it’s the truth.

So, let’s get to the topic at hand. The Metro Bus Service. Right from the moment you enter it, you can see the lack of security and clear apathy the workers possess. The security lady just waves the metal detector around you with as much attention as a goldfish. No one focuses on this attitude at all, which can really prove dangerous in a country like ours.

Now remember when Uncle Khadim Rizwi had dharna and a lot of protests were done near Faizabad?
Well, some of them were held at Metro station which resulted in breaking of the shielded glass. It was one year ago and the glass is still shattered as it was! Last summer a lot of thunder storms hit Islamabad and the guiding signals were blown away, they are still not replaced either. There is not one improvement after Metro being developed.

The drivers seem to be getting more rash, apparently due to lack of work and monotonous routine they have their own created recreations like drifting the Metro Bus with the coming Metro Bus, which is inefficient and wastes a lot of time for us passengers. Then the way they apply break jams your ribs and twist you to a marshmallow. The path toward Secretariat is so much ruined that it literally leaves you nauseous due to the bumps in the road. How those tiles got broken is still a mystery. So, I request the “intizamiya” to kindly take notice of this situation. We know it was not your project and a lot have been spent on this project and you thought that metro stinks but honestly it is a great help. We demand a maintenance!


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