Telenor’s #shareyourmeal Campaign Stole Our Hearts!

Technology has introduced a lot of sources for us to share our events or simple happy moments with our friends, family and followers. Snapchat(world stories) Instagram, twitter and Facebook can connect us to the World through hashtags. Under one hashtag we can find million of similar moments of people around the World. It has become a trend, a habit to share the snaps of food whether it is homemade or some famous cuisine dish. After all Food is our happy little moment.
Four years ago, telecom company telenor Pakistan used this trend in a way to help people in need of food. They launched a CSR campaign by hashtag #TweetAMeal and asked people to tweet picture of meal and use the hashtag to donate people in need. As much as telenor got tweets in 2016 with collaboration of Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal 1000 families in thar were provided food supplies worth 2.5million.

In 2017 the campaign was continued under hashtag #shareyourmeal with collaboration of Pakistan Red Crescent and this year again they were back with Pakistan Red Crescent.

Telenor simply instructed people to include #shareyourmeal in tweets and Instagram snaps or people can also post pictures on Telenor’s official Facebook page with the hashtag and promised to donate a meal for every tweet or snap.

We hope Telenor continues this campaign next year as well. It’s a little late but not too late to donate a meal in last few days of ramadan. Set your plates, get you camera ready, and share it with everyone with friends through snap and with others through Telenor.


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