Technology: Is it Ruining Our Relationships?

Effects on The Human Race

Our world today of mass technological advancement has somehow entered the era of modernity and evolutionary success, but this advancement is not a blessing anymore to our human race. Today, as we explore this world of technology, it can somehow be stated that this will soon drag us to mass destruction. A massive scientific evolution, which succeeded in acquiring most of our daily cores making it much feasible for us to function throughout the day has turned down to something really bad.

“Technology isn’t morally good or bad until it is wielded by the corporations that fashion it for mass consumption. Apps and platforms can be designed to promote rich social connections; or, like cigarettes, they can be designed to addict. Today, unfortunately, many technology developments do promote addiction.” 

  _Adam Alter

Technology Is it Ruining Relationships

Nevertheless, we can now accomplish most of the unsolved spaces through it. Communication barriers have been seized. People from all across the world can deviate through paradox in order to compensate their desires. However, this evolution accelerated in such a speed that there was no looking back to improvise the distortions that took place over the way.

Whereas, this blessing is soon turning the whole livelihood into a curse, as it has taken over the human mind making us dependent over these tools; that will soon be turning over to ruling us.

“The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free” 
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb


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