Taken Hostage For Protecting Health

Taken Hostage For Protecting Health

A Punjab Food Authority team led by Director General Noorul Amin Mengal was checking restaurants in the popular tourist resort when the team was attacked by staff members of a restaurant owned by a PML-N leader Raja Ashfaq Sarwar. The team was attacked and held hostage by the restaurant’s staff. The PFA has reportedly decided to take legal action against the restaurant’s management and has announced that it will take all measures to force the eatery to adhere to the prescribed standards. Rawalpindi police has announced that the PFA team can contact it anytime for registration of case against the restaurant and its management.

Taken Hostage For Protecting Health

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar’s hotel was being sealed over unhygienic food when several people attacked them. The team was held hostage for some time and then rescued by the local administration. The incident occurred at former MPA Raja Ashfaq Sarwar (PML-N)’s hotel which the PFA team had raided for checking. After finding the kitchen in an extremely unhygienic state, they tried to seal it down and at that moment they were attacked by the staff members, taken hostage and even tortured according to some sources.

The issues with Murree began on 2 December, 2016 when the restaurant owners manhandled the PFA staff members. The tourists had also boycotted Murree for locals misbehaving with them. A boycott Murree campaign was active on social media. However, many people opted to go to Murree hills on the occasion of Eid.


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