Take The ‘Shame’ Out of Body Shaming Says Aamina Sheikh

One of the most versatile and sought after actresses of Lollywood and one who never hinders to express her opinion is promoting loving yourself regardless of how you look. She wants to focus on our personality and become better as people.

Her recent Instagram post addresses the issue of body shaming, as she gracefully describes her own experience because of her forehead which she calls a hockey field as it was called by her mates in school.

She writes:

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In school they used to say ‘you have a hockey field for a forehead aamina’ and I used to find that hilarious! Even now I find myself quoting that when notable designers, directors, photographers, makeup artists, colleagues would admire it…many for tv to this day suggest that I cover it as ‘its too big aamina, it makes your face look strange,’ and ‘don’t tie your hair so tightly back as it’ll further recede your hairline and you can not afford that.’ I totally get it and take it with my stride, even take their suggestions manyatimes BUT not for a second do I allow these voices to create any kind of complex in me. These voices have never hindered me AT ALL…and I’d like to share why? Because during my upbringing, my parents, my siblings, my homeground—they NEVER made any such comments. Such observations of one’s physical appearance was NEVER a topic of concern in the home while growing up—it was almost always about education, about developing life skills and traits, acha khana, acha pina, acha sona, timings, discipline etc. the only concerns in the household were matters that would later help us steer our lives successfully in a balanced and healthy way. That’s it ! Home really is the breeding ground of one’s sense of self. Please be mindful, create that nest, that safe space and respectfully raise your children to be able to take the shame out of body shaming ! It begins with YOU ! . . . #Meriawaz #nobodyshaming #nomotapatla #mentalstrength #healthyliving #balance #knowthedifference #educate #girlseducation #influencer #impact #ambassadorofchange #aaminasheikh

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She emphasizes on ones upbringing and how a healthy environment that is focused on developing life skills instead of pinpointing on ones looks, is an essential part of ones life. It helps preventing insecurities and issues of our bodies in the future. Those insecurities can often lead to dangerous diseases like bulimia and anorexia.

We hope celebrities like Aamina who never shy away from being themselves keep inspiring a generation and we can get rid of these petty complexes and the struggle for perfect conventional beauty standards once and for all. Now is the time to start instilling that in us to look beyond looks and putting beauty into boxes.

Many fans agreed with Aamina and had kind words to say in support of the narrative:


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