Syra Shahroz was Bullied for Her Makeup

Pakistan’s have set the beauty standards in their own ways and no one likes to deviate from them. We here are a tremendously complexion conscious nation who have standard concept for face shapes, figures and what not. The beginning of social media has worsened this. We live in a culture where shallow beauty is appreciated more than authenticity. People point out and make fun of even the least divergence from their set perfect standards.

Recently, Syra Shahroz has endured this. She has modelled for a brand for which she was opting for a look which will make her look more like the native women of the northern areas of Pakistan. Syra posted a picture from the shoot on her Instagram and people just got mad. Syra was so saddened that she ultimately had to point out the pointless negativity people were causing under her post. This is the picture and Syra’s shocked reaction to it:

People online were cruel and the comments were completely unjustifiable for. Yes, you can always share your point of view in a better way. At least it should make sense and your words shouldn’t hurt someone. But commenting on someone mindlessly and bullying them online is not acceptable. Here are some comments people were posting on Syra’s picture:


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