Symptoms and Causes of A Heart Attack. Be aware Pakistanis!

What causes a heart attack? A heart attack or myocardial infarction means that there is death of some of the heart muscle which is caused by blood clot blocking an artery and resulting in lack of blood supply. As we get older, the smooth inner lining of the heart arteries damages and thickened due to the accumulation of fatty material called atheroma made predominantly of cholesterol, this process is known as atherosclerosis.

How it Happens
Previously it was thought that progressive narrowing in coronary artery caused heart attacks. It is now clear that this process can sometimes occur in coronary arteries of smaller circumference. When cracks or fissures develop in plaques, it damages inner lining of the coronary artery wall and causes the blood cells called platelets to stick to the damaged area and start the formation of blood clots within the artery. These blood clots disrupt the flow of blood vital for the heart muscle to survive, if the artery is blocked for more than a few minutes, the muscle cells beyond the blockage may become permanently damaged. It remains unknown why heart attacks happen, sometimes affecting people who seem to have been perfectly well. Certain factors are known to increase the risk of having a heart attack

Smoking, Family history of heart disease, elevated cholesterol levels, lack of physical exercise

Instant First Aid is Necessary!
Diabetes the heart muscle that is injured by this blockage may become irritable and can cause irregularity in the heart rhythm. This can be fatal it causes cardiac arrest even when it appears that very little heart muscle has been damaged. This is why it is very important if you think you are having a heart attack you should call for an ambulance. One should take GTN two puffs at five –minute intervals up to 15 minutes, still if the symptoms have not resolved, one should call an ambulance without any delay. The damaged heart muscle eventually heals with a scar but may not be able to pump quite as much as it did before in the majority of patients, however there is enough good muscle left for the heart to function adequately and for recovery to be complete.


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