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Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq is a quite known politician. He has been able to make a name for himself in young age. He is passionate about his work and is devoted to serving his country.

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Age and Education of Mr. Syed Muhammad

Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq hails from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is a Muslim and follows Islam as religion. He has obtained the secondary education.

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Family and Children Muhammad Ishtiaq

Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq comes from a cultured and respectable family. His father is Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah; he is a known personality of his town.

Muhammad Ishtiaq Career in Politics

Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq is a member of the Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His term spans from 2013 to date. He is a young political figure. He is known for taking independent steps for the development of his constituency. As of now, he is part of the PK-11 Peshawar-XI. He is quite famous for the welfare work he has done. He is kind by nature. He is associated with the party which promotes change known as Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI).

Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq is a part of the current cabinet. He is a strong promoter of democracy, the supremacy of law, justice, equality and peaceful co-existence. He is the Special Assistant in the department of the environment of the cabinet. He has been holding this post since 1st April 2013. He is also serving a number of committees. He is a member of the Standing Committee No. 27 on sports, culture, tourism, museums, archaeology and youth affairs department, an active member of the Standing Committee No. 16 on Irrigation and power department. Lastly, he is a committee member of Public Accounts Committee.

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Contacting Mr. Syed Muhammad

Permanent Contact: Urmar Payan, District Peshawar.

Res: 091-5892424

Cell: 0300-5953553

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