Sushmita Sen Says: Women Don’t Have to Pull Down Other Women to Be Better

The Indian Actress Sushmita Sen says that society is going in the right direction because women no longer believe in defeating each other to be “one up”. The 42-year-old actress says that the world has developed into a better place because men are now more supportive towards women along with accommodating their individuality.

She said that the thing I love about this time is that women don’t have to pull down other women to be a better one. Now, if somebody asks them to do that they usually dump the person.

While gossiping with Hindustan Times, Sushmita also added that the men and women are far more compassionate towards each other in this new generation. This is something admirable according to her.  She told, “There was a time when everybody was busy doing ‘What is she wearing? How is she looking?’ I am happy that is changing now. I am very glad to see that because my children are growing in that environment.”

The actress says that women are now motivated enough to take stand for themselves. She doesn’t believe in things like fighting for women power because she thinks that fighting for them means showing it that they are weak. And women aren’t weak.

Sushmita believes a different major transformation that has come over the years is that women have evolved. Moreover become more confident about their appearance. She said that life becomes easier when we stop mimicking people. Which is on all fronts, be it looks, body shape or anything. It is going against the grain of your DNA. Everyone is built a certain way and differently. If we are not going to be grateful for whom we are, the world definitely doesn’t have the time for us. I believe people, especially women, have become more accepting of who they are. And if anyone doesn’t like them that way they don’t shy away from showing them the door.


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