Sumbul Iqbal: Pictures from Travel Diaries

We all know this that Sumbul Iqbal is fond of travelling. She’s travelling right now too, but it looks like the purpose of her visit is more work-related than something she is doing to unwind. She was also seen in a meet and greet conference with Hina Altaf when she was in Dubai. Sumbul left from Lahore for Sharjah and Dubai. Right now, she is in Baku, Azerbaijan. In between meeting, Sumbul made sure that she also took some time out for shopping in Dubai which is considered one of the best places in the world to shop at!

Sumbal Iqbal always wear trendy outfits when she is on the go. Her travel style is right on point as always. Even though she had a restless schedule but her styling was stunning throughout. These stylish pictures of Sumbal Iqbal show that she can juggle many things at the same time and that she loves travelling.

Here are the best ones!


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