Stress: It’s Not Always Bad

We usually see everyone trying to diffuse stress, seeing reports and articles on how to de-stress, but what most of us sometimes fail to see is that stress, is not always bad.

There’s two types of stress; there’s good stress and there’s bad stress. Bad stress is what leads one to hypertension, depression, anxiety, and so many other troublesome consequences. Good stress however is the one that acts as a driving force, as motivation and encouragement for one to get things done.

Worried about an assignment? Good stress. Worried about something that happened years ago and can’t be changed or altered? Bad stress.

There’s many times in our lives when stress is good and needed and with its absence we tend to fall into the territory of being overconfident, careless and nonchalant.

So, knowing about the different types of stress, it makes sense to get more good stress into your life. Because you actually can get too much of even the good type of stress, it’s important to choose activities in your life that make you feel good, happy, and excited about life.

It’s also a good idea to cut out as many activities as you can that drain you, or lead to the experience of chronic stress. One good way to monitor whether or not an activity is worth your time is to pay attention to how the thought of it makes you feel. Do you feel excited at the thought? Is it a “want to” activity, or a “have to” activity? Be sure your “want to” activities are all things you really do want to do, and your “have to” activities are all absolutely necessary.

And here’s something interesting, both types of stress can be interchanging. Yes. Your good stress could be turning into bad stress and your bad stress could turn into good stress under different circumstances.


Simply take it this way: even too much sugar rots teeth. Too much of good stress can become bad for you because in the end, it is stress, it’s just how you take it and regulate it that makes it good or bad. And while good stress could slip into bad stress, this bad stress also hold the ability to transfer into a good and better state if regulated in a better way.

Basically, in a nutshell: it’s all on you. While stress isn’t only bad and harmful, it could possibly be if you don’t look after it.


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