Still Not Hooked by Suno Chanda?

Here are the Reasons you dont want to Slip it from your Mind.

Penned by Saima Akram Chaudhry, a popular novelist turned playwright, Suno Chanda follows an uncomplicated storyline directed by Ahsan Talish. It was a perfect drama that literally melted the hearts of the audience in Ramazan. If you haven’t watched it yet then you are surely missing out all the fun.  Suno Chanda has stepped beyond its description as just a pleasant time pass and has its audience nicely wound up in the resolution of the Arsal and Ajiya’s simple but so relatable romance. The story deals around two cousins who are tied in a knot but don’t want to get married to each other. The drama shows how they try to prevent their own wedding.

Here are a few reasons on why you should watch this amazing show.

Shano’s Worth Listening Punjabi

Shahana aka Shanno is always searching for the Nawa Kattas and her expressions are so perfect according to the situations. Her punjabi accent and dialogue delivery were just up to mark.

Chemistry Between Farhan and Iqra

The leads are potrayed by Iqra aziz and Farhan saeed. Both are polar opposites. He is a very laid back, traditional Punjabi munda who has no interest in bettering himself.  She, on the other hand, is an ambitious, career-oriented young woman who is desperate to study business in London. They fight and bicker constantly and it’s just hilarious to see them do it.

 Breaking News by DJ

A cutie kiddo is always ready with his phone’s camera to get the latest gossip. Blackmailing by the videos is how he earns his pocket money. This was definitely the most cutest character of the drama.

Billo’s Jee Qatil Adaein

She is a a heartbroken lady but her qatil adaien makes every man fall in love with her. Her lehrata Paranda and bright colored clothes are always nice to see.

Sherry’s heart warming smile and jealous Kinza

Shehryar is a heartthrob and is the perfect character to crush on. He always helps Jiya and is very understanding. But the simple looking yet clever Kinza is in love with Arsal and is strongly against the wedding and wants it cance;;ed

Despite of these entertaining characters there is a competent supporting lineup that includes Nadia Afghan, Farhan Ali Agha, Sohail Sameer, Samina Ahmed, Mohammad Ahmad, and Adnan Shah Tipu. The humour is just phenomenal and will make you fall in love with the entire cast and their story.
I really hope that you are now convinced to watch the entire show and if you have not watched it before.


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