Staying Fit is a Choice – Have You Opted For It Yet?

Staying healthy and fit is everyone’s need. It may not seem a requirement but for leading a good healthy life, with less diseases in future, it is no doubt a requirement for everyone. No matter what age, sex and weight we are, it will always be beneficial for all of us to take some time off for ourselves to lead a healthy life. Staying fit and healthy is not just about going to gym and do heavy workouts but it includes more than we can think of. Our food, our sleep, our workouts and our emotions, they all are part of it and to avoid seeing a doctor for long, it will be wise to take 10 minutes off for yourself to stay strong and healthy.

take 10 minutes off for yourself to stay strong and healthy

Be creative, take steps towards a better you and no one else will do it for you. Often people think that we cannot stay fit without going to gym, they read magazines about staying healthy and watch documentaries about it. It is a mistake to let your mind make an excuse that there is nothing we can do without a gym. Place where we sit during work hours or our kitchen or even our bedrooms, it all can be a place for us to make ourselves stronger and healthier. We just need to take a first step and encourage ourselves. We don’t need dumbbells or treadmills to start living a healthier life. We don’t need our genetics to be strong but we need our mind, body and soul to do it.

exercise excuses

There are 1001 excuses for not giving time for ourselves and more we delay it, more we will suffer. Be creative because it is time for us to stay healthy and fit not only for others but ourselves too. Next time look into the mirror and ask yourself if this is how you want to be for rest of your life? You don’t need a specific training because it is not a military. You don’t need excuse because it is not politics and you don’t need partner because it is not a marriage. IT IS YOUR LIFE!

Start Working Out Now

You can read thousands of articles about gaining muscles or losing weight or just to stay healthy but you may find them different from each other. It should not discourage you because what works for me, may not work for you because we all have different body mass, different genetics and different level of fitness through daily simple tasks. So find what suits you and find what works for you. Don’t think just do it! Take 10 minutes and walk briskly for starters if you want to lose weight or do as many crunches as you can or just run up and down the stairs as fast as you can. But if muscle gain you are looking for then start of doing push ups, as many as you can for your first day so it will target your upper body or do lunges for 10 minutes for your day 1. Remember anything you do is not a loss or a waste of time but it will be a pure gain of strength and big step forward towards a better you.


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