SRK About Her Daughter: She Is Dusky But She Is The Most Beautiful

Color prejudice is an issue that still taints all of the Subcontinent and its society, judging beauty based on skin color where the darker the tone is, the least good-looking is it considered. However, it’s good that there are conversations going on and people are becoming more and more enlightened on all issues let alone this one.

Shahrukh Khan who has previously been involved in advertising fairness creams also talked about the issue while addressing the question asked by The Times of India about the criticism he received for endorsing fairness products. He said:

‘I’ll be honest; my daughter is sanwali(dusky), but she is the most beautiful girl in the world. And nobody can tell me otherwise.’ 

He further explained how he himself had never been the tall good-looking guy and yet now he is a superstar, so the only thing that must have worked for him is his honesty. He said that now because of his stardom he is good-looking too, a ‘poster boy’ that is to say. Which he explains to be bizarre because growing up he had posters of Clint Eastwood and Cheryl Ladd in his room.

Still people are criticizing the star for using the ‘but’ in the dusky but beautiful sentence when he was referring to his daughter, as people believe that adding a but to being sanwali makes it seem like a curse word. However, we’re sure SRK’s intentions were only to spread the message of extending beauty labels and not degrading dusky tones, we still wish we can reach that point where dark is considered ‘just’ beautiful and not dark but beautiful.

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