Soon There’ll Be Very Less Men Than Women On This Planet!

We humans have hunted billions of animals since we set foot on this planet. Every year, more and more species get endangered. But karma was to act one day, right? So guess what? The man just became endangered. Ha! But don’t fear, my dear men, for there are still 4 million years to go before the you go extinct. Not killed but just wiped out by Biology.

Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women on This Plan


Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women on Planet

X and Y chromosomes carry the sex determining genes for humanity. XX chromosome pairs lead to the birth of a girl while XY are the chromosomal genes for men. The presence or absence of Y chromosome determines whether that someone will be a boy or a girl. So while we men roam about, proud of our strengths, our Y chromosome is growing weaker and weaker day by day. Scientists have observed a dramatic decrease in the amount of Y chromosome. The main reason is that the Y chromosome is very small, compared to other genes, as it carries only the sex changing genes and sperm developing genes. It is also weak and is present alone instead of in pairs like all the other genes. Thousands of years ago, the Y chromosome was as large as the x chromosome, but it’s quality deteriorated with time. Now, it is getting rarer, soon to be extinct. And this doesn’t only effect the humans, though other species have developed mechanisms to get over it.

Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women

Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women This Planet











In rodents, scientists have observed the Y chromosome replicating so its numbers increase, thus decreasing the fear of its loss. In men, sadly we can say nothing yet. The reason of this deterioration is that the Y chromosome can only lose genes. This results in faster degeneration of y chromosome than its counterpart X chromosome. Genetic engineers are hoping to obtain the genes responsible for Y chromosome replication in rodents and use them in humans for the security of mankind. Scientists currently believe that they do not see men in the far future unless we find a way to overcome this loss.

Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women on This Plane


Soon There'll Be Very Less Men Than Women on This Planet

All this to one side, we have to admit. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? Now we might wanna reconsider if we ever go out to hunt some animals cause it’s fun, cause nature might be hunting us too.


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