Sometimes it’s Us, Not the Government

Let me tell you, it is the government! It has always been the government and it always will be the government. Sadly and surprisingly how few hundred authoritarian figures and sub figures dominate the behavior of an average population of 100 million in Pakistan.

After an era of hardship we took the measures to over throw the corrupt government of Pakistan. Yes, it was us; ignorance was never an option for us. It is the government’s responsibility to establish lavish institutions for us just like politicians’ residents, we must all be equal. How could we be oblivious of well-maintained governor’s houses while have poorly maintained government constructed institutions for civilians i.e government schools, colleges, university, hospitals.

We also demand the same standard as those with money. “Communism”, we might as well support in theory or even in practice if exist. The question raises, but would we maintain this lavish liberty, environment and atmosphere? Probably not but let me tell you it would still be the government’s doing/fault.

condition of governor house, Punjab after the visit of 25,000 people.

We are not raised with a negative image of government (made) places, it is actually in born in us. The perception is in born that each and every place constructed by or belonging to government is unhygienic and destructive at all cost.

Now we must realize that it’s not always the government’s fault. Sometimes it’s us. It’s our responsibility too. We can’t keep pushing blame away forever. The burden of our ignorance must be put on governments shoulder, right? No, it’s ours.

We must acknowledge what’s happening and start doing our part to make things better. It starts with us.


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