Some Tweet Attacks On Kulsoom Nawaz We All Should Be Ashamed Of!

There is no sanity in our politicians and same goes for the supporters. We are far away from the attitude called “courtesy”. We take freedom of expression to the extent of humiliation whoever it is, whatever it is.
The sudden news of Kulsoom Nawaz cardiac arrest and further shifting her on ventilator became the new controversy of PMLN for twitter jihadis. Many politicians and civilians sent their goodwill and wishes on way to Kulsoom Nawaz, other’s refuse to pray or even stay quiet because of corruption her family did and rest called it An Emotional card, many of these people trolling are accused to be of PTI support.

what is she, West World host ?
hashtag ny keh dia sab bs
Sir, authenticity? aur apki Shinakh (identity)
why animals should be left in natural habitat

The twitter immediately was flooding with tweets that this is fake news and is all a card being played to win elections or skip court. Sympathy was refused for the ill woman by ill people. It is not about the one who did corruption does not deserve prayers because honestly which political party did not. We are emotional supporters but only to support one likely party not sympathetic so twitters claiming this card is being played to get votes is bogus because we support one party blindly and no controversy about it changes our ignorant opinion. P.s: WE HAVE PRESIDENT OF PMLN PARTY. THEY WON LAST ELECTIONS WITHOUT CARD. When it comes to court, they have proudly skipped the dates many times and can and will again without any card.

Social media gives freedom of expression not freedom of concluding the news, a reality check calling it a fake news with authenticity. I mean bash them when it’s revealed. Subjectivity should not be an element of politics and everybody needs to understand it. Better politicians is not gonna save Pakistan but better civilians needed as well. A bit of sanity and sensitivity requested.thank you.


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