Some Popular Superstitions in Pakistani Society

People believe that there are some signs and omens known as superstitions that indicate what will happen to us in the future. They could be bad or good, depending on what it is. It’s found in almost every society or culture.  Superstitions are irrational believes but wait, let me tell you one thing… don’t say this in front of your grandmothers or else they’ll yell at you roughly. If you are a Pakistani, you can relate most of the things here or you might have heard of while growing up.

  • Left eye blinking: If your left eye is blinking and by fault you told it to your dadi maa, mayn you are gone. They’ll make you terrified while saying that tumhare sath kuch bura hone wala hai.
  • The myth of black cat: Make sure you have seen a black cat, if yes that you must have heard k agar kaali billi apke raste me ajae tw samjho kuch garbar hai. Or if you made an eye contact with that black cat, you must have heard that kaali billi ki ankhon me 7 roop hote hen.
  • If you saw crow on your door, guests are on the way to your home: Oh my God, it sounds weird hena? I mean how come a crow knows that guests are coming. Maybe he’s thirsty that’s why he’s on your door for some water.
  • Don’t open your hair to go outside after Maghrib: Is it creepy? yes I know, it might scare the hell out of you but don’t dare to open your hair up after maghrib if you are going outside. You know what? Jin might grab you forever.
  • If you sneeze, it means that someone is thinking about you: It’s so funny that we actually start thinking k yaar kon soch raha hoga hmare bare me?
  • If a glass breaks, baalaa taal gai: Each and every one have heard this from their nani, dadi and mothers when a glass breaks… “shukaar hai balaa taal gai”. This means that Thanks to God that he has saved us from a big trouble. Well, do you believe that it’s possible?
  • Opening and closing of scissor without any reason: Yes we all know that we shouldn’t open and close scissors without any reason because our nani and dadi says, “khaali kenchi chalane se ghar me jhagre hote hen”.
  • If you came exactly at the time someone mentioned you, you’ll live long: Omyygossh! You are lucky if you came at the moment someone talked about you, kaafi laambi umar hai apki tou.

These were few superstitions we all have heard in our home and have experienced it too.


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